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Property Management Services of New Jersey is able to help you with any maintenance need that you may have. 

We provide efficient, cost effective services to owners and can help you with any project big or small.

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12 Point HomeGuard Service

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1 Bedroom Home 2 Bedroom Home 3 Bedroom Home
      Regular Price Your Price Regular Price Your Price Regular Price Your Price
  Full 12 Point Service $159 $109 $169 $119 $179 $129
  Replace Smoke Detector & CO Batteries Only $55 $35 $65 $45 $75 $55
  Furnace Filter Only $50 $30 $50 $30 $50 $30
  Other-add details to step 5 *Prices include material costs including batteries and filters.  Prices do not include tax











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  Please inspect my Heating/Air Conditioning Air Duct Cleaning Service and provide me with a price to clean
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  I hereby grant Property Management Services to perform the 12 Point Inspection.  Furthermore should any additional work need to be performed to repair problems revealed in the inspection, I authorize Property Management Services of NJ to make those repairs up to the following amount:






Please call me before proceeding with any additional work




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